WP-30c Camera tracker With RFID


Vehicle tracker device “WP-20C/30C” is a new remote vehicle security system with a host of comfort features. The “WP-20C/30C” enables you to communicate directly with your vehicle. Locate and/orimmobilizethevehicleinreal-timeifthevehicleislostorrobbed.
The possibility to interact with the system by means of short text message (SMS), gives the owner total management of the events concerning their vehicle. i.e. it can also arm, disarm, speak to thecar,andcutofffuelandignitionconnection.


  • PowerRequirement:8Vto40V
  • Normaloperationtemperature:-30°Cto+80°C
  • Restrictedoperationtemperature: Above-40°Candbelow+85°C
  • Storagetemperature:-45°Cto+90°C

GREEN – Blinks at interval of around 3 Secs, once the unit acquires acellular (GSM) signal. If this light is continuously blinking checkfor proper installation of the VTS and be sure the GPRS data is active. YELLOW- Turns solid once the unit acquires a GPS signal. If this light is not blinking verify proper VTS mounting and that the “SKY VIEWING” isf acing the sky.
Note: When the VTS is installed, it can takeup to 20minutes for the GPS to acquire its position after initialpower-up. BLUE – Blinks once the device starts sending data to server. RED – Power indication Note:- After all of the lights are solid turn the vehicle off, then turn it back on and verify the installation.

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