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Bonrix Drone GPS Tracker Bonrix Software Systems

  • Bonrix Software Systems is the leading GPS with Drone Software provider in INDIA. It commenced from the year 2001. Bonrix Software System provide high-quality service by: • Providing unparalleled customer support • Developing long relationships with our clients • Using the best development technologies available • Using the latest software development methodologies • Being abreast of every new technology arena.
  • Features 3 Real-Time 24×7 GPS Tracking World-Wide coverage Event Alerts MIS Reports Advantage of proven GPS devices Location data saving for last 30 days Single Screen Fleet Management Highly accurate vehicle tracking Customer Support User friendly GUI.
  • Bw-08 • Positioning and Tracking • Triggering Emergency Alarm: • Remote controlling oil and circuit • Remote Monitoring • Movement Alert • Over speed Alert • Geo-fence • Auto Track • Compatible with the original anti-theft alarm • Mileage statistics • Send SMS to resume the default of unit.
  • GPS real time tracking  Support TCP/UDP modes  GT 300 MHz Quad-band  GPS / GSM / GPRS wireless network  Suitable for cargo, container and personal tracking  1100mAh large capacity internal battery for long working time  Voice Monitor function  Phone call available – 2 family numbers supported  SOS emergency alarm  Geo-fence alarming function  Web-based online tracking platform Personal Tracker (GT300)
  • Drone In Google Earth You can track real time Location of your Drone with draw path.

Drones are supporting below feature :

  • Devices that support a GPS system.
  • Drones that are ready-to-fly.
  • UAVs that designed for tricks.
  • Devices created especially for Photography.
  • Drones used for racing.
  • Devices that support a different fueling system (gas-powered, nitro-powered)
  • Endurance drones.
  • Agriculture drone.
  • Drones used for Cleaning.