VTD - 10

VTD - 10

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Description :

Remote vehicle tracking and monitoring for effective utilization of resources and for building an information interface through which the consumers as well as the fleet owners can keep a track of the good and vehicles. Global Positioning System (GPS) which provides the vehicle’s Geographical Position in terms of latitude, longitude and altitude. Real - Time Track & Trace System collects location and telemetric data at regular interval. Data thus collected in the Vehicle Mounted Hardware Unit is transferred to Web Application using Wireless Communication Technology. At any given point of time, the movement of the vehicle/container can be tracked and traced on a map to the point of utmost accuracy.


General information
Type Wireless
Brand Rosmerta
Material PVC
Model Name/Number VTD-10
Usage/Application For Tracking Vehicle
Acquisition Sensitivity -160dBm
Tracking Technique Mobile App
Frequency 48MHz

Feature :

  • Vehicle position data: Latitude, longitude and altitude
  • Vehicle speed data with time stamp
  • Protocol: TCP (default) & UDP
  • Online and Offline tracking
  • Storage capability of 20,000 Records (approx. 15 days of Data) in Offline mode
  • Locate and remote configuration through GPRS/SMS
  • Anti-theft function: remote immobilization of the vehicle by sending a command through GPRS/SMS
  • 4 digital inputs, 2 digital outpurs, 2 analogue inputs
  • Sensors: Digital- Door, AC ; Analogue- Fuel measurement with Resolution of 100 ml.
  • Accurate measurement of distance travelled
  • Built in Antenna for GPS, External Antenna for GSM - Geo-fencing
  • Tracking on 7 maps
  • Instantaneous vehicle location data in tabular format
  • Various types of reports to suite customer’s requirement
  • Various alerts: Email & SMS notifications in case of main power disconnection, ignition ON/OFF, AC misuse, immobilizer, fuel pilferage, device tampering
  • Distance measurement tool provided for route planning - History tracking for monitoring of vehicle movement for selected period
  • ‘Track on Demand’ function supported by both device and server trough SMS - Automatic switching of Tracking from GPS to GSM incase of unavailability of GPS signals
  • 24*7 surveillance & customer support