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Description :

With the advanced multi-source data analytics delivered by the Cello-CANiQ, your business intelligence is reinforced and operating costs are reduced, largely due to lower fuel consumption, reduced maintenance expenses, improved driving habits, and optimized maintenance processes.
The Cello-CANiQ is an advanced fleet management solution, utilizing a smart algorithm to combine data from various vehicle environment interfaces. Extensive interfaces are all designed and configured for maximum flexibility with CAN data aggregation, filtering, processing and event triggering.
The Cello-CANiQ is available in 2G/3G/4G and is suitable for a wide range of applications such as fleet management, driver behavior, cold chain, proactive maintenance, car sharing, and ELD/HOS.
The Cello-CANiQ is available in two feature packages which both include the CAN interface:
Cello-CANiQ 30 - Fleet management solution with various interfaces (I/Os), security capabilities and basic driver behavior (GPS-based).
Cello-CANiQ 50 - All Cello-CANiQ 30 features in addition to advanced driver behavior capabilities, including accident event logging, recording, and reconstruction.
The Cello-CANiQ works with Cellocator’s Open Protocol Standards (OPS) - a collection of scalable and secure data exchange options that enables you to access device data quickly and efficiently in order to eliminate lengthy integration projects and quickly integrate into your existing cloud solution to meet your business needs.


General information
Cellular Communication: Cellular Communication 2G/3G (EU, NA) and 4G (LTE CAT M1 WW with 2G fallback)
Dimensions Arya Omnitalk
Weight 91x73x23mm 3.58”x 2.87”x0.91”
Inputs/Outputs 4 Inputs (Input type: Frequency; Analog, Digital), 4 or 5 outputs, 1wire input, RS232 serial, CANL, CANH (ODB, J1939), Kline
Input Voltage 9-32VDC
Power Li-Ion Polymer, 3.7V, 1Ah, rechargeable
Accelerometer 3D ±2g/8g range, 12 Bit representation, 1mg resolution, I2C interface
Operating Temperature -30°C/-22°F to +70°C/158°F full performance

Feature :

  • 2G/3G (EU, NA) and 4G (LTE CAT M1 WW with 2G fallback)
  • Supports the following standards:
  • OBDII (ISO 15765, ISO 14229)
  • CAN2.0 (ISO 11898, J1939, FMS)
  • K-Line (ISO 14230 parts 1&2, ISO 9141-2)
  • Interface with the Bluetooth Extender accessory – supporting Bluetooth communication with ELD and MultiSense devices.
  • Enables a wide range of applications driven by the vehicle’s CAN bus data
  • Advanced driver behavior capabilities ( based on IQ and CAN data)
  • DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) support
  • More than 2,600 vehicle libraries (reverse engineering)
  • Easy-to-use Drag & Drop GUI to manage on-board powerful logic engine
  • Variety of embedded algorithms for calculating a trip’s total fuel consumption