BW08 – Vehicle Tracker

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BW08 is used for vehicle tracking applications. Under the strict supervision.GPS Tracker BW08 is GSM Quad-band,GPS+GSM+GPRS wireless network with High sensitive GPS chipset Real-time tracking Built-in GSM&GPS antenna Built-in ON/OFF power.BW08 has Wide voltage input range Built-in acceleration sensor for vibration alarm Support ACC detection and Real-time reporting car also Contains Built-in 450mAh battery for alarm when the power supply is disconnected Unexpectedly Tele-cut off (petrol/electricity) function Mainboard support Voice monitor function.

Add administrator No 1 #Password#AAD#1#Cell No# ADD admin account 1 ok!
Delete Administrator No 1 #Password#DAD#1# Delete admin account 1 OK!
View Administrator #Password#VA# Display 2 administrators number and 3 authorized numbers
Setting password #Password#CP#newpassword# change password ok!
Set IP address, server #Password#IP#IPAddress#Port# #6666#IP#!
Checking IPAddress #Password#IP?# The IP is:
Set Over speedAlarm #Password#SOSA#120# Set Over speed alarm,OK!
Set Vibration Alarm #Password#SSA#level# Set alarm level, OK!


  • GPS positioning: Via GPS positioning,User can track the vehicle location ,speed and routes through phone or computer.
  • Playback Routes: Can check the vehicle’s routes and speed in recent 2 months.
  • Setting function via SMS: Setting function of device via SMS and check location via SMS.
  • ACC ignition detection: Get vehicle status via ACC ignition detection
  • Voice monitor: Voice monitoring.
  • Vibration Alarm: After setting, Device will send message and call user if theft shock the car or drive the car away.
  • Over speed Alarm: When speed is over than the set speed, device will send message to user.
  • SOS Alarm: In emergency, press SOS Alarm,Device will send message and call user.
  • Built-in GPS、GSM antenna: Built-in high tech of GPS、GSM antenna for easy installation.
  • Static state drifting protection: Most of device with static state drifting in the market,our device has applied new tech which can protect this problem nicely.
  • Vibration Alarm: After setting, Device will send message and call user if theft shock the car or drive the car away.


Content Specification
GSM 850/900/1800/1900
Wide for voltage input range 9.5 – 39.9VDC
Working currency 20mA@12V
GPS Location accuracy 10m(2DRMS)
Working environment temperature/td> -20~70degrees
Working environment Humidity 20% – 80% RH
Unit size 95(L)×45(W)×13.8(H)
Weight 56g


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