As you know, the Automobile Research Association of India (ARAI) sets standards for vehicles to ride on Indian roads. In brief, the Indian government has designed ITS (Intelligent Transport System) under the Automotive Industry Standard -140 to increase and ensure the efficiency of the transport system. The ais 140 certified devices would help you to monitor & regulate your fleet as well as making it easier for you to find and track any vehicle round the clock. In other words, ais 140 gps is a standard that details about Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) with the specific intention on Vehicle Tracking Systems. The standard tells about the configuration of a GPS device and emergency/panic buttons.

What is an AIS 140 approved arai certified GPS tracker?
With an intention to hike up the efficiency of the transport system, the Indian government has designed ITS or Intelligent Transport System under the Automotive Industry Standard-140 (AIS 140). It helps to optimize the utilization of previous transport infrastructure to the fullest. Moreover, with it, there will be an improvement in the transportation system in term of quality, comfort, efficiency, and safety. The fact is, the vehicles on roads are increasing day by day thus there is a need for government guidelines which ensures the emergency and safety standards for kind of public transport systems. With the help of ais 140 certified companies, you can use AIS 140 GPS Device which would help you improving traffic management, easing the congestion on the roads, and declining the environmental impact. Hence, this will be beneficial for commercial and public users.

Who Needs AIS 140 GPS Tracker?
The fact is that this device must be recommended for the following cases:


For car and bus taxi fleet operators, even for corporate fleets
For Self-driven car rental operators
For Rental taxis operators


For Private bus operators – Intercity &Intracity

For State transport undertakings – Intercity &Intracity


For schools, Colleges and Institutional bus operators

For medical service bus operators

Specification of AIS 140 GPS Limited’s gps tracker.

-ARAI certified GPS tracking Device
-AIS 140 certified GPS Tracking Device
-SOS Button
-Embedded eSim
-Dual Network Sim
-The Indian Government Approved Emergency Button
-ICAT Certified